Hydraulic Specialty, Inc provides a wide variety of products for our customers. Hydraulic Specialty, Inc. carries a complete inventory of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, telescopic and custom built cylinders, filters, hose assemblies, seals, fittings and more from the top names in the hydraulic industry. Looking for a part? Contact us today!

We Carry the Brands You Trust

hydraulic specialty products, we carry the best brands that have been thoroughly tested and reviewed for quality to withstand the test of time

As your trusted hydraulic source we only carry the best brands in the business.  The brands we carry have been thoroughly tested and reviewed for quality, and are made to withstand the test of time.

Custom Manufactured Products

hydraulic specialty’s custom hydraulic power units provide you a more complete power unit solution, request a quote today

Hydraulic Specialty, Inc. is your one stop shop for hydraulic service, parts and custom manufactured products.  We take pride in being a manufacturer in the hydraulic industry.  Hydraulic Specialty, Inc. have the expertise to take a product from conceptual stages through design, development, and production.

american mobile power logo

American Mobile Power

Wet tank systems, custom tank designs. Standard wet tank systems range from 7 to 100 gallon capacities utilizing Polyethylene, Steel, Aluminum materials. Custom tank systems from 7 to 110 gallon capacities utilizing basic steel or aluminum designs. Tanks can be ported, vented, and finished to your applicable specifications.

bezares usa logo

Bezares USA

Bezares produces a fall line of PTO's to fit transmission applications from Allison through ZF. Because of Bezares years of experience in the European market, we have a wide range of PTO's for Isuzu, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Volvo, and other transmissions. Hydraulic line includes dump pumps, bi-rotational gear pumps, piston pumps and motors (straight & bent axis), a full range of tank sizes, diverter valves, and DC powerpacks.

brand hydraulics co logo

Brand Hydraulics CO

Hydraulic valves, hand pumps, relief valves and more.

continental hydraulics logo

Continental Hydraulics

Valves, pumps, power units and proportional products.

cross manufacturing inc. logo

Cross Manufacturing Inc.

Welded and tie rod cylinders, valves, pumps, motors, filters, accumulators, adapters and more.

del control solutions logo

Del Control Solutions

Feathering valve, air controls valve, pneumatic joystick, dump body control, DAV295 valve, feathering stackable valve, air shift console, hoist PTO air control valve, PTO pump air valve, wet line kits, refase air control valve, air shift cylinder for dump pumps, hoist air valve, hydraulic hoist, dump box vibrator, under body hoist, dickey-john and little tipster.

DMIC delaware manufacturing industries logo

Delaware Manufacturing Industries

Fluid Control Valves for Industrial, Aviation, Petrochemical, Marine, and Aerospace Applications.

donaldson filtration solutions logo

Donaldson Filtration Solutions

Hydraulic filters, housings, replacement cartridges, reservoir accessories.

duplomatic oleinamica logo

Duplomatic Oleinamica

Pumps, pressure control valves, flow control valves, directional valves, check valves, sub-plates, modular valves, cylinders, proportional valves, electronics, and accessories.

weber-hydraulik logo


Telescopic cylinders & Service parts, quick delivery from our stock with back up stock in Hyco, Alabama. HSI is an authorized Warranty Service Center.

honor gear pumps corp. logo

Honor Gear Pumps Corp.

Aluminum body high pressure gear pumps. Complete line of small displacement gear pumps and motors, Group 1.06 - 0.83 In3, SAE "AA" two bolt, US 4F-17 four bolt, four bolt European mounting flanges and the "through-bolt" front manifold discharge for DC Power-pack design pump. Group 2.38- 2.07 In3 SAE "A" four bolt European mounting flanges.

KYB hydraulic motor logo - our precision, your advantage

KYB Hydraulic Motor

They Hydrostar® Motor is a Radial Piston design that provides a Low Speed Torque (LSHT) output. KYB also provides mini hydraulic packages.

nachi america inc logo

Nachi America Inc

Pumps, valves, pressure controls, electronic and proportional controls.

lovejoy logo


A global leader in couplings, power transmission, hydraulic components, and rubber suspension technology. Water-Oil coolers, aluminum tank/reservoirs, in tank heaters and pump/motors mounts.

permco logo


Permco manufactures high-pressured hydraulic gear/vane pumps and motors, flow dividers, intensifiers, and accessories.

power value logo

Power Valve

High flow directional control solenoid valves; D03, D05, D07, D08, D10.

RR USA INC. logo


Gear boxes, inline & right angle reducers, rotary manifolds, wheel drives, slew drives, and brakes, LSHT hydraulic motors, steering valves, seats and accessories.

ryco logo


Ryco offers complete hose, couplings, fittings, adapters, filters and accessories.

safeway hydraulics, inc. logo

Safeway Hydraulics Inc.

Hydraulic quick action couplers, coupler adapters, components for agricultural, mobile and industrial applications.

techtop logo


AC and DC, Single and Three Phase Motors.

hydraulic specialty products - hydraulic adapters & fittings

Hydraulic Adapters & Fittings

hydraulic specialty products - hydraulic hose & hose assemblies

Hydraulic Hose & Hose Assemblies

hydraulic specialty products - hydraulic gauges

Hydraulic Gauges

hydraulic specialty products - hydraulic reservoirs

Hydraulic Reservoirs

hydraulic specialty products - hydraulic filters

Hydraulic Filters

hydraulic specialty products - hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic Pumps

hydraulic specialty products - hydraulic power units

Hydraulic Power Units

hydraulic specialty products - hydraulic motors

Hydraulic Motors

hydraulic specialty products - hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

hydraulic specialty products - hydraulic wet kits

Hydraulic Wet Kits

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