One source is when there are many moving parts. Our experienced team has developed extensive expertise in inventing innovative hydraulic solutions to solve business problems in multiple industries.

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Custom fabrication, on-site troubleshooting, consulting and in-house manufacturing reduces downtime and creates customer efficiencies.

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At Hydraulic Specialty, we have a complete inventory of pumps, motors, valves, actuators, telescopic and custom-built cylinders, filters, hose assemblies, seals, fittings and more. Plus, we source and make recommendations using the top brands in the industry.

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We act as your in-house service department with same-day service and repair offerings. We can come to you or you can come to us, making service easy.

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Case Studies

For real-world proof, dive in and read about our projects. Our stories show how we collaborate with clients to provide long-lasting solutions. When you need quick, dependable results, turn to us with your next hydraulics challenge.

More about our Hydraulic Solutions

Hydraulic Education

Read our FAQs for insider knowledge on hydraulic parts, installation, maintenance, and repair. Are you running the right oils and components? Which wet kits are right for you? Optimize your hydraulic systems.


Component Spotlight

Check our monthly component spotlight for info on new releases in the Hydraulic Specialty catalog. We’re looking out for you with updates on the newest technologies and solutions in the hydraulics Industry.

Hydraulic Wet Kits

Hydraulic Specialty is your go-to partner for real world solutions and powerful results. We’re here to help you with all things hydraulics: systems engineering, custom manufacturing, components, service, and repair. We are the Heart of Hydraulics.

Let Us Solve Your 
Hydraulic Needs

At Hydraulic Specialty, we have a complete repair facility and field service representatives available to work at your location. Our knowledgeable and responsive staff can quickly analyze your problem and give you an estimate of the cost of repair.

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