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Once we agree on a plan, we bring in high-quality components for your build to ensure excellent performance and long life. Hydraulic Specialty will provide you with a customized solution.



TESTING We hold ourselves to the highest standard and leave nothing to chance. That means we manufactured our own test stands in-house, so precise testing is available on the shop floor. From basic assessments to advanced diagnostics, you can count on us for quick and accurate testing. 


We are fully equipped to support customers in any repair needed. With a complete repair facility and field service representatives available to work at your location, our knowledgeable and responsive repair staff is ready to quickly analyze problems and recommend solutions, including a detailed quote for your repair. Hydraulic Specialty is an authorized repair center for Permco and Bezares.

Industry Case Studies

Always up to the challenge

THE SOWLES COMPANY: Erects and operates cranes for building projects in the Midwest.

CHALLENGE: Placing a mini crane by helicopter on the roof of a 26-floor tower to remove a structure that would stay within weight restrictions. The radio-controlled, battery-operated crane could not be used for continuous operation — every 3 hours, the main motor would overheat and the batteries would drain. Also, the building power was limited to 30 amps at 208V 3-phase.

DEADLINE: 10 days

SOLUTION: Our engineers determined a way to develop a small 10hp electrically driven power unit. By passing the existing pump and connecting the reservoir to the new system, we devised a way for the tank and control system to still be used. The in-house fabrication shop created the power unit and welded the frame so everything could be hoisted to the roof. We built the electric panel and wired it for immediate use. A variable displacement pump was used because it was unclear how much pressure the crane would need. By monitoring the amp load of the motor and pressure gauge, we could limit the maximum pump pressure and adjust oil flow.

RESULT: Our new hoist solution operated 30% faster. The ability to run continuously shaved three weeks off the project time and saved thousands of dollars. Sowles can now use its crane on similar projects.

Authorized Repair Center

  • Bezares USA
  • Continental Hydraulics
  • Permco
  • Ryco
  • Yates Cylinerds
  • Hengli