custom hydraulic power units

Benefits Of Custom Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic power units may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an essential aspect of your business, but hydraulic power units are used in many different environments. From large-scale construction projects to industrial settings such as paper mills, cardboard factories, and even your mechanic’s garage, hydraulic power units are relied upon every day for people to complete their jobs safely and efficiently. Without a safe, and durable hydraulic system, these applications can become difficult to do because of their demands. 


What Is A Hydraulic Power Unit? 

A hydraulic power unit, also referred to as an HPU, is the source of fluid flow and pressure capability that drives the entire hydraulic system. These systems can be fairly simple in the way they operate, or very complex and go through various directional and pressure controls to create the desired actuator output. Hydraulic power units generally have the ability for more horsepower capability and finer control of actuators than air or electric systems. They are also a more energy-efficient way to transfer power than pneumatic systems.

The main components of a hydraulic power unit include:

  1. Motor – used to turn mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.
  2. Fluid Reservoir – holds hydraulic fluid used by the pump and displacement of cylinders.
  3. Hydraulic Pump – generates hydraulic flow and pressure capability to the system.
  4. Valving – regulates the fluid direction and pressure needed to perform the hydraulic task at hand.


Benefits of Custom HPU’s

There are many different styles and sizes of hydraulic power units for various tasks and industries. While there are mass fabricated units to fulfill some requirements, they are not all suited well for many applications. Using a mass-produced hydraulic power unit may end up getting the job done, but it may come with consequences – namely the time and effectiveness of completing your task.


Custom Dimensions

Whether you’re needing a simple HPU with a reservoir capable of handling a few gallons or a reservoir that holds hundreds of gallons, it’s very important to have the right sized HPU for the job. The hydraulic power unit and the hydraulic system must be designed to reject all the heat created by the system operation. 

Also, with standard built HPUs, these units come in predetermined sizes, which means you may need to alter your company’s floor space to make it fit. However, with a custom-built HPU, you will have the benefit of choosing both the size and orientation that will work best for your space without sacrificing its performance. 


Choosing A Power Source

Furthermore, you will have the ability to choose the power source, either gas, diesel or electric. Electric motors are generally used for industrial applications with access to AC power. Diesel/gasoline motors are generally used for mobile applications where power is not available to operate electric motors.


Controlling Your HPU

Another aspect of having a custom hydraulic power unit is how the unit is controlled. With the custom HPU, you’ll have the benefit of choosing an entirely custom control solution with all the valving, and controls needed to operate the machine. The types of controls that would be used depends on the application. Some applications can use manual lever controls to operate functions. Some industrial applications are controlled by a central processing (PLC) controller, and other applications may require remote control with a radio transmitter and receiver, or a combination of all of the above options.


Standard vs. Custom Hydraulic Power Unit

Choosing to invest in a custom hydraulic power unit can end up optimizing the performance of your company’s operations which has the possibility of increasing profit. While there are many items to take into consideration (i.e. size, power source, orientation, maintenance needs, etc), doing the important research to find what your company exactly needs will end up benefiting you in the long run.

hydraulic specialty incRegardless of the style and size of the hydraulic power unit your business is needing, the professional hydraulic system designers at Hydraulic Specialty, Inc. will guide you through the entire process to have the best custom solution for your specific needs. With years of high-quality hydraulic power unit manufacturing experience, and the ability to do repairs and installation, you can be sure that Hydraulic Specialty, Inc. can provide you with the best solution for your machine application.