Dave Mass Has Another Great Weekend At The Tracks

Weekend Results:

Friday and Saturday Dave Mass was at I-94 Sure Step Speedway in Fergus Falls with both cars.

Friday Night:

Super results

Heat- 2nd to 1st

Feature- started 6th and finished 3rd

Late Model results

Heat-started 3rd and finished 2nd

Feature- started 5th and finished 2nd

Saturday Night:

Super Results

Heat- started 8th and finished 9th

Feature- started 15th, and would come in 2nd

Late Model

Heat-3rd to 1st

Feature- started 15th and would end up parking it in Victory Lane for win #1 in the Late Model!!!!

Sunday night Dave headed over to Granite City Motor Park with both cars.

Super Results

Heat- 3rd to 1st

Feature- Dave started 7th in the feature and after a great battle with the 7A, Dave made a last lap pass and won!

Late Model Results-

Heat- DNF

Feature- 10th to 4th!

It was a great weekend of racing!!!!