FAQ - Are All Hydraulic Oils The Same?

When you’re looking to use hydraulic oil for any application, it’s important to remember that not all hydraulic oils are the same. Especially when utilized with heavy duty trucks and their mechanisms, using the correct hydraulic oil is extremely important in having a smooth functioning operation. 

The three most popular types of hydraulic oils are, synthetic, mineral-based and water based – the latter of which is the least utilized. Mineral-based hydraulic oils are made from crude oil while synthetic oils are manmade and largely known for their long lifespan.

Choosing A Hydraulic Oil

When choosing a hydraulic oil for your specific application, it’s important to remember the differences between each ISO grade. This grading system is based on the viscosity of the oil which determines where the given oil should be used. With a higher viscosity, high power consumption and sluggish operation may result in some systems, but too low of oil viscosity can result in internal leakage and a lack of protection which will lead to excessive wear.

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