FAQ - What's The Difference Between A 2-Line & 3-Line Wet Kit?

Whether you’re wanting to install a wet kit on your dump trailer, crane or any other heavy duty truck, it’s important to know what kind of wet kit you’re needing. Having the option of a 2-line wet kit and a 3-line wet kit, how do you know which to use? Here’s the difference between the two.

2-Line Wet Kit

A 2-line wet kit, or hydraulic system, is best used in low-usage applications. It consists of its air lines, a pressure hose and a suction hose. The more stress this system experiences, the greater the chances of it breaking down. In terms of its effectiveness in raising and lowering a dump trailer, the 2-line wet kit will be a reliable system as long as it isn’t overworked. These systems typically have shorter warranties.

3-Line Wet Kit

The 3-line wet kit is the go-to hydraulic system for many different heavy duty truck applications. In conjunction with the truck’s PTO (power take-off) system, the 3-line wet kit is able to be used with dump trucks, low boys, combo systems and dump trailers. Featuring a suction hose, pressure hose and the added return hose, these systems are the standard addition for any heavy duty truck needing a reliable hydraulic system.

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