FAQ - How Do Work Trucks Utilize Hydraulic Systems?

Hydraulic systems are very common in all different types of settings, but how exactly do work trucks utilize hydraulic systems? Here are a few examples:

Garbage Truck: These work trucks use hydraulic systems in many ways including their hydraulic packer to crush garbage and their extendable arm for grabbing hold of residential garbage cans. 

Dump Truck: Dump trucks and trailers utilize very powerful hydraulic systems via their dumping capability. Their hydraulic system allows the bed to either lift and empty its contents behind the truck or dump to the side, depending on the style of truck/trailer 

Tow Truck: A tow truck also uses its hydraulic systems in different ways. Whether they’re needing to lift a vehicle with a mounted hydraulic boom or move a flatbed ramp down to the ground, these operations are powered by hydraulic systems.

Snow Plow Truck: Municipal work trucks oftentimes have a snow plow attachment fastened to their front end during the winter months and the hydraulic system allows the snowplow to adjust in many different positions.

Outriggers: In order to remain stable during heavy lifting projects, many cranes have hydraulic-powered outriggers to provide counterbalance.

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