FAQ - What Are Common Heavy Duty Truck Hydraulic Systems?

Though hydraulic systems for trucks may seem very complicated, many systems are built around the same three items.

  1. Wet Line Kit: The wet line kit includes hydraulic hoses, tanks, reservoirs, control valves, and pumps. This unit is connected to the power take-off (PTO). The wet line kit may differ given the truck and specific application, so there are two types of kits that exist. With the two-line kit, the fluid travels back and forth along the same hose, with no separate return hose; this is used for simple applications. For more demanding tasks, the three-line wet kit utilizes a separate return hose.
  2. Power Take-Off: The power take-off (PTO) is what drives the hydraulic system. A PTO can be included in a wet line kit or can be installed individually depending on the individual truck’s needs.
  3. Hydraulic Reservoir: The hydraulic reservoir holds the residual hydraulic fluid that is drawn in by the hydraulic pump. The size of the tank depends on the need of the truck’s system and it allows for heat exchange through the walls of the drum.

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