Advanced Hydraulic Testing from Hydraulic Specialty

Developed by Hydraulic Specialty Inc., the Hydraulic Component Test Stand offers basic to advanced testing capability for any facility needing the ability to quickly and easily test a wide variety of hydraulic components accurately.

Developed for hydraulic repair and or warranty testing operations, the Model 7416 test stand allow users to test almost any hydraulic component with ease, and obtain reliable and accurate test data for your customers.

Testing components ensures your products are configured and assembled correctly before installation by your customers. Component testing adds value and builds customer loyalty by eliminating costly comebacks and failures in the field.


Our knowledgeable and responsive staff can quickly analyze your problem and give you an estimate of the cost of repair.

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Features of the Model 7416

  • Variable speed hydraulic drive allowing bidirectional testing of pumps & motors
  • Shaft torque capability to 650 ft/lbs
  • Quick attach mounting plates supplied range from SAE-AA, to SAE D mounting patterns, and DIN.
  • 150 Gallon Overhead reservoir allows positive head inlet conditions with 5 suction lines from 1″ to 2” diameter
  • Automatic sump pump reclaims spilled oil and filters for reuse
  • Ability to test closed loop piston pumps bidirectionally

Benefits of the Model 7416

  • Avoid the cost and distraction of engineering & installing your own hydraulic test system
  • VFD allows for maximum control of flow, speed, and load
  • Large hydraulic oil reservoir allows for stable oil conditions and minimizes aeration
  • Kidney loop prevents the threat of contamination common in rebuild environments
  • High quality Donaldson filtration components ensure clean test fluid
  • Flat Face hose connections allow safe, clean, quick setup of every test

Details of the Model 7416

  • Solid state soft start motor control minimizes load factors and inrush current. High voltage control cabinet assembly is UL508 listed to assure electrical inspection and code compliance.
  • Standard configuration uses 100 HP electric motor. Larger or smaller motors available for customization to your particular needs. Powder coated frame can be ordered in any color requested
  • Custom test stands also available including pump test stands with VFD motor drive available in any horsepower required. VFD motor driven test stands are usually used for pump build and production testing requirements.

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